Tue, July 1, 2008
American Chess
University Hosts
FIDE Trainers Seminars

American Chess University (ACU) announces that its next FIDE Trainers seminar will be held on August  6-7, 2008 in Dallas, Texas in conjunction with the 2008 U.S. Open. The seminar is an educational program for Teachers, Chess Coaches and Trainers, who are interested in improving their coaching skills and receiving FIDE certification.

American Chess University

American Chess University's mission is to develop instructional management programs for Teachers, Chess Coaches and Trainers. This FIDE and USCF sanctioned organization offers a complete curriculum designed for chess professionals.

We provide the following educational programs:
  • Two-Day Seminars for Teachers and Paraprofessionals
  • Independent Study
  • Mentorship
  • FIDE Training Seminars
  • Small Group Projects
  • Workshops

American Chess University actively promotes chess as an academic enrichment activity.

The workshops are appropriate for:

  • Chess Coaches and trainers wanting to learn more about effective chess instruction;
  • Project groups beginning to chess as an educational tool;
  • Application developers who want to better understand implementation considerations for chess and curriculum development;
  • Funding agencies wanting to disseminate information on funding opportunities for chess program in their communities;
  • Strategic planners wanting to learn more about chess as an educational and developmental tool for children and youth;
  • People who are working on Research relate to chess in education;
  • Chess Clubs and USCF affiliates who are working collaboratively with the schools and other youth organizations.