Tue, July 1, 2008
American Chess
University Hosts
FIDE Trainers Seminars

American Chess University (ACU) announces that its next FIDE Trainers seminar will be held on August  6-7, 2008 in Dallas, Texas in conjunction with the 2008 U.S. Open. The seminar is an educational program for Teachers, Chess Coaches and Trainers, who are interested in improving their coaching skills and receiving FIDE certification.


The American Chess University welcomes other educational and chess organizations to share our mission and goals.

Many universities and educational networking organizations, including a significant number of affiliates of the US Chess Federation , are actively planning and implementing chess programs across the nation. The American Chess University is developing a series of workshops and FIDE Seminars to help disseminate current best practices for effective chess instruction and participation at local, regional and national levels. The series is anticipated to continue over the next several years to meet the ongoing need for persistent sources of timely education on high interest in chess & education topics.

The American Chess University workshops Planning & Implementation are targeted towards allowing the promotion and development of the chess in the North America. Our first workshop/seminar was held in August 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona en conjunction with the 2005 US Open. The second event will mirror the format of the first but with new content, increased support materials.

Sponsors & Partners

The American Chess University is seeking both sponsors and partners for this workshop, to support a quality, balanced educational event that is broadly affordable and accessible.

Multiple sponsorship and partnership levels are available. For more information on sponsorship and partnership opportunities, contact  Michael Khodarkovsky, AMU's President, at  or