Tue, July 1, 2008
American Chess
University Hosts
FIDE Trainers Seminars

American Chess University (ACU) announces that its next FIDE Trainers seminar will be held on August  6-7, 2008 in Dallas, Texas in conjunction with the 2008 U.S. Open. The seminar is an educational program for Teachers, Chess Coaches and Trainers, who are interested in improving their coaching skills and receiving FIDE certification.

FIDE Seminars and Workshops

The value and influence of FIDE chess Trainers and Instructors has increased enormously in the worldwide communication, economy, management and politics. The American Chess University enthusiastically joins the high standards of the Berlin FIDE Academy and other FIDE Academics worldwide.   Our goal is to enable participants to fulfill widespread tasks of chess. Participants will be awarded the title of either FIDE Trainer or FIDE Instructor if they meet all the FIDE requirements. Both titles will be valid as international coach licenses. Teachers will be the experienced members of the FIDE Trainer Committee. Demonstration lessons/trainer papers will be accepted in the FIDE languages: English, Russian or Spanish.

The FIDE Training Seminar will be conducted in the English language. The FIDE License/certification is valid for two years.



The FIDE Instructor certification is only available to members of the US Chess Federation, Canadian Chess Federation and any other national federation in North America.  The Continental President Mr. Jorge Vega could grant exception to this requirement.

Participants require proof of at least two of years of experience working with children and youth players.  Additionally, a minimum of rating of 1800 (USCF or FIDE) is required.


For FIDE Trainer certification, proof of national training experience and recommendation for participation by the national federation is required.
Participants also must show proof of at least five years of experience as a trainer.
A minimum USCF or FIDE rating of 2300 is also necessary.

License for FIDE Instructors Certification

In order to receive a licensed FIDE Instructor certificate, participants must complete 42 hours of FIDE Trainers Seminars, self-studies, and preparation for a demonstration lesson.

License for FIDE Trainer Certification

For those seeking FIDE Trainer Certification, professionals must complete 42 hours of participation in FIDE Trainers Seminars, self-studies, and preparation for a demonstration lesson for advance students.

After successful graduation from the educational courses, each participant will receive a trainer license as FIDE Instructor.  FIDE Trainers will have to submit a written article on chess training.  This article must be at least 12 pages in length.  Applicants who can demonstrate proof of an early publication (book, brochure, specialized article in a chess journal, etc.) will be exempt of this requirement.

Additional Information

FIDE will be developing the official Trainer's Manual.  This manual will be distributed to all participants who complete the 42 hours training course.
Training Seminars are conducted on behalf of FIDE and seminar fees are the same worldwide.

FIDE will be notified of the results of the examination. A certificate and a badge will award to the trainer. The badge shall include the photograph of the trainer and license validation. The license shall be valid for a period of two years starting thirty days following the date of the examination.

Important notification:  Any USCF Club or affiliate interested in hosting a FIDE Training Seminar and American Chess University Course, please contact our office at


The cost for the 30 hours of training is $700 or $350 for each 15-hour training seminar.

Cost of FIDE License:

Seminar Fee:

Certificate Title Award (one-time fee) License Fee
FIDE Instructor 100 euro 60 euro
FIDE Trainer 200 euro 120 euro
FIDE Senior Trainer 300 euro 180 euro

$350 - does not include applicable FIDE certification fees (FIDE Instructor: 100 Euros; FIDE Trainer: 250 Euros; FIDE Senior Trainer: 500 Euros)

Contact information: email:
Phone: (201) 317-4012

Please send registration and check payable to American Chess University at:

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